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And the nerd wins!

Winner alert: we were honored to help Commissioner and resident Winter Park “nerd” Greg Seidel get re-elected by working with Push Digital.

Our opponent was on the attack with a war chest double the size of ours, but we battled back with a simple, tried and true message: our candidate was a nerd.

So instead of responding to every attack, we crafted our messaging on the specifics. We focused on Greg’s results, not politics. We unveiled that Greg was the “nerd who delivers.”

For reals.

We called him a nerd in mail. We called him nerd online. The campaign even got signs asking people to vote for the nerd.

But it wasn’t just about pointing out that our candidate was a nerd; working with Push we made a point to ensure Greg was Winter Park’s nerd. He was the local nerd!

And it worked.

We went from a 53-47% deficit in absentee voting to getting 60% of the Election Day vote – and the win!

Not only did we embrace victory, but we ensured the revenge of the nerd for another cycle.


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