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Building Better Brands

It’s simple.

Type out a name.

Make it red, white, and blue.

Add a waving flag or maybe an elephant.

And you have a brand new logo for 90% of all campaigns.

It’s the way it’s been done for all too long, so it has to to work, right?

Well, no.

In order for your campaign to stand out, you must do what your competitors won’t do. And that starts by creating a brand identity that is unique and eye-catching.

Take for example a recent design we loved for Janice McGeachin, candidate for Lt. Governor of Idaho.

Rather than adding a flag or an elephant, we wanted to create a brand that presented modern professionalism, captured the essence of Idaho, and created a unique icon tied to our candidate.

And with 114 mountain ranges crisscrossing the state of Idaho, what better way to do that than by incorporating them into the design.

But rather than use a long series of peaks, we limited it to two, thus creating an M for McGeachin.

The logo also features a modern typeface that will be easily readable and is uncluttered.

Lastly, in the days and weeks before the election, when campaigns up and down the ballot are placing signs on every street corner, the deep blue and gold will allow ours to stand out amidst a sea of red, white, and blue.

The lesson here is to be more like Apple in your campaign – Think Differently!

So if you are first time candidate looking to make a splash or a current elected official wanting to revamp your look, SRG is here to help. Just drop us a line and we can get started on a brand identity package that fits your needs.


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