SRG Journal: branding

We’re proud of cultivating brands that connect with voters. Your logo, colors, photography, and designs all contain unspoken messages ­- we make sure those messages are memorable and effective.

Laying the foundation for your campaign begins with creating an identity that voters can easily identify and remember. Our team of artists and campaign strategists take pride in developing vivid brands for Republican candidates and organizations that drive message and can be used across multiple media platforms. Whether it’s designing a logo or a complete style guide for your campaign, we can help set your candidacy apart and give you a winning edge.

Next Level Campaigns

When it comes to running a successful campaign today, blending in is not an option. Quite frankly, it is harder and harder to get voters attention. And they can tell when you are simply “mailing” it in or pushing the envelope on cutting-edge design and messaging. That is why your brand and messaging must stand out and leave a lasting …[read more]


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Launching the Miller Institute

As Georgia entered the 2017 legislative session, a new bipartisan think tank hit the scene. The Miller Public Policy Institute launched this January, with help from SRG. Executive Director Byran Miller tapped SRG for a logo, splash page, and print fundraising materials. We were excited to see the early buzz.


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