Underdog on Top

In June of 2017, few people in Georgia were talking about the race for Lieutenant Governor. Political insiders suggested the race was over, with the presumptive favorite  well on his way to amassing a seven-figure war chest and little concern for a primary challenger.

Unbeknownst to these same insiders, Geoff Duncan, a former pro baseball player, businessman, and relatively unknown state representative was quietly building a team and preparing for a fight.

  • branding
  • digital
  • Photography
  • Print
  • Websites

Our first priority was to develop his brand and start raising his profile to establish him as a legitimate candidate in the eyes of the media, donors, and voters. That all started with a professional photoshoot and a fresh new logo.
By January of 2018, we had everything in place and were ready to ramp things up. #TeamDuncan had a sleek new website, amassed a social media following of 40,000 voters, and raised enough money to start our real digital operation.