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Using Facebook Live To Establish Credibility & Authenticity With Your Audience

Facebook Live is one of the most effective new tools for political campaigns and corporate brands to utilize social media. It’s power lies in the authenticity that’s communicated by live events.

Stoneridge Group has worked with several clients to take advantage of this platform and maximize it’s effectiveness. Here we look at an example from our client, Virtual Schools of Excellence.

Virtual Schools of Excellence Reaches Their Target Audience Through Facebook Live

Virtual Schools of Excellence operates a network of accredited, independent, and faith-based Virtual Programs.

One of the organization’s marketing objectives is to reach out to existing private schools, the homeschooling community, and k-12 parents and share their industry expertise and their position as a thought leader in the educational space. As one tactic to help achieve this goal, SRG helped organize Facebook Live Interviews to educate their target audience on what they have to offer.

The Audience

One of the best features of Facebook Live is the push notification that is sent to any fan that is online while the event is live. This is the only way to communicate with all your fans at once without paying for advertising.

In order for fans to receive notifications, each organization must have an established fan base; SRG has built up both organization’s fan pages over the years, which was critical to the success of this program.

We also made sure to send email blasts and post about the event on Facebook leading up to the event. We created an online RSVP form, which we used to send reminders about the event.

The Results

The Catholic Live event ended up reaching nearly 9,500 people.

During the live interviews, one parent noted her daughter’s school was closing and wondered whether her daughter would be able to complete her high school education with Catholic Virtual (she can). One administrator asked how Episcopal Virtual could help their school operate more efficiently. Both were potential new clients for Virtual Schools of Excellence.

The Takeaways

Bigger is better. The larger your following, the more effective Facebook Live will be.

Promotion is key. Send email blasts and post on Facebook to ensure viewers tune in.

Make it interesting. Feature a big name to participate in the event or focus on your top issues that followers want to talk about.

Facebook Live can be used in almost any industry. Financial Advisors can host sessions on the latest trends in the market. Accounting firms can discuss the impact of tax reform. Political candidates can share their speeches at live rallies.

SRG is here to help build your online brand and utilize the latest digital marketing tools for your organization. Contact is today if you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer!


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