Effective Issue Advocacy

Starting a 501 (c)(3)? (c)(4)? SuperPAC? If you aren’t, you probably know someone who is (and won’t be able to coordinate with them for the rest of the cycle, amiright?)

The realities of our current political climate have made these groups a necessity. However, we’ve noticed that even the best 3rd party groups have poorly executed web presences, often making a “shadowy group” all the more “shadowy.” The fact is, non-candidate groups who invest in web and utilize technology, have an easier time earning the trust they need to communicate their message effectively.

One great example of a group who’s doing it right is GOAL Advocacy, a Southwestern based non-profit promoting common-sense solutions that create jobs and educating Americans on the positive impacts the oil, gas, and agricultural industries have on our economy. GOAL committed early to explaining their mission and issue positions via Facebook and a robust website. We were excited to build their website and design their unique brand.

Taking into consideration GOAL’s geographic reach and issues, we were able to create a brand that reflected their Southwestern roots and emphasis on energy and agricultural issues.

GOAL’s  website and social presence effectively communicate the organization’s mission by not leaving the visitor in the dark. The site’s unique issues page quickly lets visitors know what policies this group advocates through strong imagery. Additionally, the site’s mobile design is head and shoulder above what even most statewide candidates are implementing. Remember, “responsive design” doesn’t just mean “it looks good on an iPhone” – it means the site responds seamlessly across all platforms and browsers. In short, it responds.

This site is AWESOME.

As GOAL’s campaign progresses, we’re excited about their eagerness to let technology drive their message and expand their reach.