3 Things Every First Time Candidate Needs to Do Now!

Every successful politician was at one time a first-time candidate. If this cycle is your first foray on the ballot, it’s likely that you’re a little overwhelmed by the prospect of your upcoming election. The entire process can be confusing, arduous, and taxing to both you and your family. At Stoneridge, we pride ourselves in helping start-up campaigns navigate the tumultuous waters of the electoral process. So, now that the paperwork is filed and you’re on the ballot, what are three things you should do ASAP?

1. Find a Trustworthy General Consultant.

“My campaign is too small to acquire professional help.” This is a myth. One of the toughest things for many candidates to grasp is that they need to be candidates – not strategists or campaign managers. The best thing you can do to avoid rookie mistakes is to find a general consultant who, at a low cost, can give you advice and provide you with a campaign plan. Think of it this way – you wouldn’t build a house without a general contractor to find the plumbers, roofers, and electricians to help erect your dream home. Same goes with political consultants – they’re going to know your easiest path to victory because they’ve worked the political landscape before and know all the players involved. Stoneridge Group works with great political consultants all across the country and can help you find a trustworthy hand in your region who’ll have a stellar record and great advice for your campaign.

2. Nail Down Your Budget.

Once you’ve found a consultant to work with, figuring out your campaign’s budget is of utmost importance. A close friend and political consultant once told me, “80% of elections are won and lost in their budgets.” I’d have to agree with this sentiment. A solid budget with honest projections of what you’ll need to win will let you know a) how much you’ll need to fundraise and b) give your campaign constraints when it comes to spending line items. The proper allocation of resources will ensure your campaign has all the ammunition it needs for victory on election day. If you’re looking for help in preparing a budget, call Stoneridge Group. We can  help give you some realistic insights on tangible costs for mail and media in your campaign.

3. Build Out Your Web Presence.

Months before mail arrives in mailboxes or radio ads air in your race, activists, donors, party officials, and volunteers will be “Googling” your name. A website and social media presence will often give clues to those individuals whether that candidate is a legitimate contender for the position in question. Legitimizing your candidacy by having a professional website and customized social media networks sends the message, “I’m a serious candidate. I’m not doing this by myself. I have a professional team assisting my efforts.” In addition, putting together a website will get the ball rolling on other things you’ll need like a logo, photography, a donation page, and an email blast system to stay in contact with your supporters. If you’re a first time candidate, you should definitely reach out to SRG today. We build websites and custom social network designs for candidates and campaigns up and down the ballot for prices that won’t bust your budget.