Setting Your Campaign Up For Mobile Success.

Are You Ready?

As we all head full force into the 2016 election cycle, there may be a key component of your campaign’s digital presence of which you may not be aware – and it could have a major impact on your campaign’s all important search rankings. Your campaign website’s “mobily-friendliness,” or lack thereof, will play a major role in where Google places your domain in searches.

Back in February, Google dropped this change in a seemingly innocuous blog post that hinted at making mobile readiness as a much more significant part of it’s algorithm. In addition, they also added items like site load speed and the presence of app content to their measurements.

With Google’s April 21st policy change looming, it may be time to reassess your campaign website’s infrastructure and maybe even invest in a new website.

How Do I Know If My Campaign Site Is “Mobile Friendly”?

Whether you’re trying to boost page-views, stay on top of your campaign’s search narrative or increase your passive donation conversions – this change will have an impact on every campaign in 2016. There are some simple steps you can take to prepare.

The first thing you should do is determine your site’s mobile readiness by using Google’s own Mobile Friendly Test.  Just open the test, enter your campaign’s URL, and click “Analyze.” Very quickly you should know if your site is compliant with Google’s new rules.

If your site doesn’t meet Google’s new mobile friendliness measurements, it will show you a list of fixes that can steer you in the right direction. These fixes are your best jumping off point in making sure that your site’s accessibility is just as suitable for mobile visitors as it is on desktop.

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Making a “Responsive” Investment

While there are several ways to develop a mobil friendly site, often there are just too many browsers and devices to account for without using “responsive” technology. In short, responsive development allows your site to adapt to any browser and devise by scaling its perimeters accordingly. Responsively built websites are the BEST way to make sure that your campaign over-comes this month’s search changes.

At the Stoneridge Group, our team of in-house developers and digital consultants can navigate your campaign through the process of building a custom website that meets all of your campaign’s needs, at price that won’t shock the candidate. In addition to all of our sites being mobile responsive, we build dynamic websites that make it easier for your campaign to gather email addresses and keep content updated without a web development background.

Give us a call at 678-730-0169 and let us audit your campaign’s web presence and make some recommendations that will help put your team ahead of the curve in 2016.