Victory Is Ours

Last night, SRG clients in Georgia and Mississippi embraced victory.

In Mississippi, Governor Phil Bryant won re-election by campaigning on a strong record of economic expansion and family values. We look forward to the next four years of his leadership.

SRG also partnered with the Mississippi House Caucus to take Republican control of targeted districts around the state. We are pleased to announce the defeat of longtime Mississippi House Minority Leader Bobby Moak after executing a relentless direct mail program in his district. Coupled with GOP victories across the state, Mr. Moak’s defeat clearly shows that Mississippi voters are tired of liberal policies and ready for true, actual change.

And yet as we embrace victory today, we will now turn our focus to 2016 and winning back the White House. As always, SRG looks forward to the challenge.

Governor Phil Bryant
Rep. Bubba Carpenter
Rep. Tracy Arnold
Rep. Steve Massengill
Rep. Randy Boyd
Rep. Chris Brown
Rep. Donnie Bell
Rep. Joey Hood
Rep. Jeff Smith
Rep. Ashley Henley
Rep. Rob Roberson
Rep. Karl Oliver
Rep. Jason White
Rep. Vince Mangold
Rep. Randy Rushing
Rep. Shane Barnett
Rep. Noah Sanford
Rep. Timmy Ladner
Rep. Sam Mims
Rep. Toby Barker
Rep. Roun McNeal
Rep. Doug McLeod
Rep. Mark Formby
Rep. Charles Busby
Rep. Carolyn Crawford
Rep. Dan Eubanks
Rep. Greg Snowden
Rep. Tom Weatherby
Rep. Shane Aguirre
Rep. Manly Barton

Steve Broadbent – Johns Creek City Council
Dick Goodman – Suwanee City Council
Tom Witts – Mayor of Snellville
Bucky Johnson – Mayor of Norcross