Indiana Senator

Senator Mike Braun

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Custom Website
  • Digital Strategy
  • Online Engagement
  • Online Fundraising

Outsider Mike Braun was not predicted to win the primary election against two well-funded and campaign tested congressmen. But thanks, in part, to SRG’s digital efforts, Mike Braun easily won the primary election and went on to defeat incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly in the general election. In one of the most talked-about Senate races in the country, SRG’s work created a new standard for digital campaigns. Check out some of our work below.

A custom crafted website that is optimized for mobile is essential to any successful campaign.
Micro-sites are an effective and creative solution for targeted ads and short-term campaigns.
Winning against an incumbent senator is no easy task. But launching early and effective social media campaigns is essential to a successful digital strategy.
Fundraising and Brand Protection help bolster a candidate’s online reputation and success.
SRG provides social media management and creative content to keep your campaign engaged with voters.