Conservative Action Fund

  • Branding
  • Direct Mail
  • Custom Website
  • Digital Strategy
  • Online Engagement
  • Video Ads

After redistricting, Florida’s new 15th Congressional District became the most competitive district in the state. When Conservative Action Fund needed to make sure Democrats didn’t flip this seat, they knew Stoneridge Group’s expertise with electing the most conservative members of Congress was exactly what they needed.

We developed a comprehensive messaging campaign that would highlight the conservative credentials of their candidate, then-Secretary of State Laurel Lee, to make her stand out as a conservative champ in a crowded primary. Then, using not only print and digital advertising but also reaching hundreds of thousands of voters with search and video ads, we executed a strategic campaign to turn out the most conservative voters.

Laurel Lee sailed through a 5-person primary with over 41% of the vote, then trounced the Democrats in November by a whopping 58.5-41.5 margin – delivering a win that put the House back in conservative hands.

You can’t advertise if you haven’t established your brand and messaging. Once you determine your mission and your message, everything else can fall into place.
In a 5-person race during a critical midterm election, effectively messaging the conservative mission of CAF to the right voters made winning look easy.
Having a comprehensive strategy means knowing that the mailbox is not enough to turn supporters into voters. Targeted digital advertising reinforces mail and finds your audience wherever they are.

Nothing speaks like a candidate’s own voice. And targeting voters with video advertising on Facebook and YouTube is like gasoline on your GOTV flame.