Excel in Ed

  • Branding
  • Custom Website
  • Digital Strategy
  • Direct Mail
  • Online Engagement

Admit it–the 80s were, like, totally awesome. That’s why Stoneridge Group was stoked when Excellence in Education asked us to come up with a creative theme around a complex education funding issue that would engage voters. Breaking Quality Basic Education Funding down into several totally rad 80’s themed commercials, along with a companion direct mail and digital ad campaign, allowed us to educate and persuade voters about why they should care. Check out some of the sick designs from this campaign.

Your brand is your most essential asset. An eye-catching and visually compelling custom crafted website for voters is the first step to success.
SRG works with clients to deliver robust print products for events, mailings, and corporate presentations.
Innovative designs crafted by our team break the mold of what an event handout should be.
Social media management and online promotion are key to getting your message in front of voters.

Innovative video solutions will help your campaign stand out among the online noise. SRG works tirelessly to make every campaign unique and memorable.