Owning the Digital Airwaves

In the age of digital, utilizing platforms like Facebook, SpotXchange, and YouTube can effectively get a video ad in front of large audiences for a fraction of the cost of traditional TV buys. Even better – you can target your message to actual voters or specific audiences based on demographics and interests, something TV does not offer.

When SRG took over a high-profile Sheriff’s race against a big-money incumbent, we scrapped our client’s $6,000 a week budget for TV and put that money into a targeted digital and direct mail campaign, allowing us to target only those individuals that would actually vote.

For less than the cost of a 2-week cable buy, we created four video ads for our client, and ran a month long campaign targeting voters in his county. The videos received more than 400,000 views by going to where voters spent much of their time – online. This, along with our direct mail program, took the candidate from 10 points down to a 19-point win.

Take a minute to check out the 2-minute spot we produced along with the other materials that we were able to produce by cutting a bloated TV budget: