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Founded by former United States Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, SCORE is the premiere education reform organization in Tennessee. We have partnered with SCORE for several years on branding, digital, and print projects. Even in the public policy world, superior design makes a tremendous difference. SCORE has allowed us to help them modernize both their internal branding and dozens of individual projects.

Your brand is your most essential asset. Ensuring it is eye-catching and visual compelling for voters is the first step to success.
Custom crafted scorecards and other print products engage your audience in a visual manner.
SRG works with clients to deliver robust print products for events, mailings, and corporate presentations.
Innovative designs crafted by our team break the mold of what an event handout should be.
A custom-crafted website ensures voters can find you and your platform online.
Social media management and online promotion are key to getting your message in front of voters.